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As a visionary European ship owner, in addition to the already existing, private and institutional investors are welcomed to participate in way of equity acquisition in a market-orientated profitable shipping segment and further delighted to open the doors of new cooperation in proven shipping business models.

ÖL is not a fund initiator and concentrates on accumulating equity. We invest in market-orientated and profitable specialized shipping segments. The complete management is undertaken by ÖL. The ultimate success of such an investment in the shipping arena relies upon how well the management counterbalances market trends and takes advantage of the conditions of the same.

We have particular experience with and place great emphasis on exploiting shipping cycles profitably when buying new and selling old ships. The long-term experience and profusion of know-how of ÖL, therefore, form the basis of success for various existing investors.

Protection of our shipping investment offers, combined with a steady demand generated from the growing world economy and ever-expanding global trade, are very good reasons to include shipping as a permanent part of any investment portfolio with direct access to top management.

Our investors play an important role in the Groups governance.



Profitable Investment Opportunity | Shipping Sector Cyprus 2022

Why invest in this Project and why Cyprus?

  • 80% of the World’s trade is transported by ships in a safe and environmentally friendly manner. It is 70 times less pollutant than air transportation.

  • Bigger and Bigger container ships need smaller feeder container ships for “last-mile-services”.

  • Supply and demand today are very favorable for the container segment below and including 1700 TEU.

  • Investing in shipping is a particularly attractive move at the moment as the market in our container segment is stable and prices are competitive.

  • The present market offers some particularly good deals with value for money.

  • Investing in ÖL Shipping Group in Cyprus is a safe and secure way to have an excellent and reliable return on your investment, supported by European common law and Eurozone framework.

  • No tax on shipping activities other than “Tonnage Tax”. No tax on shipping profits including profits from the sale of ships. No tax on dividends paid from shipping companies.

  • We offer our investors a profitable investment.


Company Information:

  • ÖL Shipping – a German family-owned and managed Cyprus based on Single Purpose Companies (SPC) with a history dating as far back as 1836.

  • The last 21 years of operations are headquartered out of Cyprus with strong family ethics and hands-on daily top management by a German & Polish Board.

  • The Group can look back at 25 years of successful shipping operations in markets such as container, multipurpose, dry bulk, general cargo, chemical tankers, passenger ships and mega yachts.

  • The Group of companies is known for its high quality and trustworthy management and low-cost operations.

  • Business plans for a growth strategy are in place.

  • ÖL Shipping has overseen the acquisition of 60 vessels.

  • Exceptional multinational and multicultural qualified teams on board and ashore delivering with confidence.

  • The Group today owns a fleet of 5 multipurpose geared container vessels.

  • All vessels are flagged under the White Quality flag of Cyprus and subject to the very favorable Tonnage Tax System – TTS, under which shipping companies have the luxury of choosing taxation on the basis of the net tonnage of the fleet as opposed to corporate income tax.

  • The vessels are mostly trading/operating in West Africa, Southeast Asia, as well as Oceania (Australia and Pacific). They provide feeder services, i.e. they are the important connecting links between larger and smaller ports, between mega–carriers, trains and trucks.


Our Ship Investments ADD VALUE!

Strong Family Ethics

Resilient Commitment

Protection of the Environment

Solid Professional Quality Services