Österreichischer Lloyd Seereederei mans managed vessels with capable, highly trained and dedicated seafarers having continuous daily cooperation with the relevant team of colleagues onshore, bearing in mind the basic values that have shaped our culture: Entrepreneurship, Transparency, Meritocracy, Initiative, Teamwork and Sustainability.

Seafarers wishing to cooperate with Österreichischer Lloyd Seereederei undergo a meticulous and rigorous selection process, become properly acquainted and take part in an extensive onboard training program during their service. The monitoring and evaluation of the performance and improvement of each seafarer are carried out by our Superintendents who visit the ships under our management at regular intervals.

Our goal is to keep the retention rate of our seafarers beyond the 90% we have already achieved.

We have a vision, to be back in dry shipping over time. To reach this goal, we always seek the employment of talented and driven seafarers for cooperation to contribute together to shape the future of shipping.

If you are interested to join our team, please send us your resume at nioannidou@cy.oelsm.com