Sail with ÖL Shipping: A Legacy of 188 Years in Excellence!

Drawing from a rich maritime history, ÖL Shipping is your trusted partner in ship owning and Third-Party Ship Management. Our in-house Technical expertise ensures top-notch maintenance and seamless fleet operations as we set sail into the Dry Bulk sector.

Beyond our owned vessels, ÖL Shipping's experienced Ship Management team extends quality services to other ship owners, fostering long-lasting relationships. Our commitment to high standards, cost-efficiency, and sustainability positions us as the beacon of reliability in the industry.

Venturing into the Dry Bulk sector, you can place your trust in the experienced hands of Capt E Koch and Mr Sunil Kapoor, each boasting over 40 years of expertise. Their leadership guarantees top-quality, cost-effective, and safe operations, adding an extra layer of assurance to our commitment.

At ÖL Shipping, where Tradition meets Innovation, set sail towards success in the vast ocean of opportunities.