On 01.11.1833, seven insurance companies of Trieste decided to form the “Austrian Lloyd Trieste” along the lines of Lloyd’s of London. Within a short period of its formation, the administration applied to Emperor Ferdinand I of Austria for the privilege of steam navigation with the Levant.


On April 20, 1836, the steam-navigation department was introduced and during its second meeting on August 2 of the same year, the “Shipping Section” was established, and the department decided to build six steamships. For this reason, 2nd August 1836 is considered the date of the company's foundation.

Shipping has been its core of business ever since.

1838 - 1844

In 1838 the fleet was already composed of 10 vessels committed to the postal sea service for the whole Austro-Hungarian Empire.

The year 1844 saw another leap in the company’s growth when it acquired “First Danubian Steam Navigation Company’s” line via Constantinople to Smyrna along with all its equipment. A year later, Austrian Lloyd was declared the property of the postal service of the Austro – Hungarian monarchy. The respective Post Office Announcement No 5 was published on 29.12.1884: - “After the 31st of December next, the special weekly mail service between Alexandria, Larnaca, and Limassol will cease to run and foreign mail will be dispatched fortnightly by the Austrian Lloyd’s steamers (…) “ The company’s steamers sailed about every 14 days from Alexandria to Limassol and Larnaca, as well as from Constantinople to Cyprus and back.

1843 - 1847

OL Shipping Cyprus roots joining as far back to at least the year 1843 – 1847. Only three big steam companies which included OL steam shipping commenced calling the Port of Larnaca regularly. In Limassol, the steamers dropped anchor on the road, one mile off the coast. Furthermore, OL steam shipping was entrusted with the mail service to and from Cyprus.

1846 - 1861

By 1846 the fleet consists of 20 vessels and by 1860 constitutes already 61 vessels.

In 1853 The company started building its shipyard, called Arsenale, which became fully operative in 1861 for new buildings and maintenance.


The first place of callings to Larnaca was occupied by OL steam Ships under the Austrian flag. 1878 saw the construction of the first wooden pier.


At the opening of the Suez Canal in 1869, Austrian Lloyd was present with its steamships “Pluto”, “Vulcan”, and “America”. Soon after the opening of the Suez Canal, the company launched its Trieste – Bombay line and established a weekly service between Trieste and Port Said. With the opening of the Bombay line, the company acquired an international dimension which was further reinforced by the extension of the line to Colombo in autumn 1879 and early in 1880 to Singapore and Hong Kong. The line to Alexandria was modernized in 1894 by the introduction of 4 new express steamers, and the line to Bombay proved to be the most profitable passenger line.

1878 - 1883

In 1878 the company in height of its development decided to build headquarters of prestige for the town to witness the success and power achieved.

By 1883 the company built a new headquarter in Trieste's main square which becomes a historical landmark of Trieste.


On the 50th anniversary, the Company owns 86 steamship vessels deployed in 1526 round trips for worldwide destinations! The company becomes one of the biggest shipping companies in the world. By the end of the 19th century, the Lloyd Austriaco activities had extended to four continents, namely: Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia.

At the same time, the company had started its passenger’s activities.

1907 - 1912

The company started conducting pleasure cruises in 1907. The speed of shipping with the Levant increased and the passages to Calcutta were increased from 9 to 12. As a result, the company transferred the headquarters of the administration from Trieste to Vienna where, on May 25, 1907, the first general assembly of Vienna took place. The last expansion in the company’s lines took place in 1912 with the Trieste – Shanghai express line.

1914 - 1918

By 1914 The fleet decreased significantly due to the outbreak of WWI (some were confiscated/ some sunk/ some others were used for military purposes).

Austrian Lloyd was dissolved at the end of World War I and an Italian government commissioner was appointed as a provisional director. After the war, some of the company’s operations continued from the port of Trieste under the name Lloyd Triestino.


The company has been re-established in Vienna on March 7, 1951, when the articles of association for the renew company were drafted.


The company bought its 1st vessel, Geard Multipurpose Semicontainer Selftrimming bulkcarrier in 1978, with a German Investor.


Capt. E. Koch joined as MD and the company grew up to 33 vessels from 3000-120.000 tdw under the Austrian flag with a German/Austrian Investor.


The ship owning company establishes an additional ship management subsidiary for in-house and third party management. Office was established in Limassol, Cyprus.


Third-party managed up to 75 vessels until the Company decided to concentrate purely on ownership again with 6 new buildings ordered and delivered from China and consequently changed its name from Österreichischer Lloyd Shipmanagement (Cyprus) Ltd to Österreichischer Lloyd Seereederei (Cyprus) Ltd.


3 MCP Pool Vessels at Singapore road.


The evolution of Österreichischer Lloyd includes refining her identity whilst still maintaining her original motto "Vorwärts" Always Steaming Ahead.

Explaining the change in name in a release, the company said: “ÖL chose to rebrand to clearly and visually identify her services to its associated industry-related partners, existing investors and to welcome new investors. The rebranding further represents the company ownership/structure changes to pure shipowning that took place in 2008 with a name change in the German word, ‘Seereederei’ to Österreichischer Lloyd Seereederei (Cyprus) Ltd.


Capt. E. Koch pursues the service of Chairman of the Board of Cyprus Maritime Academy. The Cyprus Maritime Academy is the first of its kind in Cyprus and was founded in the academic year 2015-2016. The first cadets accepted into the Academy started their studies in the academic year 2016-2017 with great success. The Academy aims to develop and offer Competencies to the three main areas of the Marine Industry that are Nautical Science (Officer in Charge of Navigational Watch), Marine Engineering (Officer in Charge of Engineering Watch), and Marine Electro-technology (Electro-technical Officer). The initiative to establish CyMA marks an important milestone for our island, and is long-anticipated from both academic and professional circles within the Marine and Maritime Industry in Cyprus; thus, aims at putting an end to the lack of technical Maritime education and training in Cyprus.


16th May 2017, Capt. E. Koch, CEO, Chairman and Partner of OL Shipping becomes President of Cyprus Marine Club during the AGM Closed Session. Capt. Koch was reelected President in 2018 and 2020 for a 2-year term.


Capt. E. Koch is invited as a panelist in the 2nd Capital Link Invest in Cyprus Forum took place on Friday, September 28, 2018, at the Metropolitan Club in New York City. The Panel Name: The Shipowner’s Perspective. Maritime Expertise and Infrastructure in Cyprus – Cyprus as an Operational Hub. The Forum was organized at the initiative, active support of the Cyprus Union of Shipowners and in cooperation with the Cyprus Investment Promotion Agency. Capitalizing on the success of the 2017 forum, the aim was to maintain the momentum of raising awareness about Cyprus as a global business and investment destination to a wider investor universe through a prestigious, high caliber, high impact event in New York City. http://forums.capitallink.com/cyprus/2018/forum_photos.html


Öesterreichische Lloyd was proud to be one of the Corporate Sponsors of the Marine Money Cyprus 2019, Four Seasons Hotel, Cyprus. The Marine Money Cyprus Agenda addressed and debated the benefits of the Cyprus tonnage tax system; catalysts for growth for Cyprus as a maritime hub; ship finance in Cyprus – potential, scale and geography; private equity; finding investment opportunities in shipping both at low asset prices and in distressed debt; maritime funding from external capital sources; plus the portfolio acquisitions from exiting banks as an attractive investment opportunity. https://www.flickr.com/photos/marinemoney/albums/72157691025578493/with/47665225141/


Öesterreichischer Lloyd Seereederei (Cyprus) Ltd. is one of the main sponsors of the 3rd Annual Capital Link Cyprus Shipping Forum taking place on Wednesday, February 27, 2019. Capt. Koch is invited for a second year in a row as a panelist for a session entitled: 2020: A new reality or a new mess? A discussion among leading industry participants (regulators, shipping companies, equipment manufacturers) on the options and strategies to comply with the major environmental regulations on Ballast Water Treatment and Low Sulfur Cap. http://forums.capitallink.com/shipping/2019cyprus/photos_forum.html



05.10.2021, the crew of our MV MCP SALZBURG has saved 9 precious lives at sea from sinking "MSV Annai Vailankanne Arockia Vennila". The rescue operation was taken up in coordination with MRCC Chennai and finally the crew has disembarked our MCP SALZBURG at Male, Maldives.



On Thursday, 24 February, President Nicos Anastasiades, travelled to Dubai accompanied by a large delegation for meetings and consultations aiming to strengthen bilateral cooperation between Cyprus and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The Cypriot delegation comprised Deputy Ministers of Shipping and an esteemed member of our Union, Cpt. Eberhard Koch. President Anastassiades and the UAE Prime Minister, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, signed a Joint Declaration for the Establishment of a Comprehensive Strategic Partnership and three MoUs, in Dubai, to enhance cooperation in diverse areas. The MoUs are about the two countries` cooperation in maritime transport, cyber security and diplomatic training.

The meeting was held in the framework of Cyprus` National Day, at EXPO 2020, one of the biggest world exhibitions with around 25 million visitors expected to travel to Dubai from 192 countries.


3rd CSN Cyprus Shipping ICT Conference

Capt. Koch is invited as a panellist at the 3rd CSN Cyprus Shipping ICT Conference during Maritime Cyprus Week| “Roadmap in Maritime Digital Transformation”. Title of the panel discussion: “How we keep the focus on people while developing the technology” (Panellists: Vassilios Demetriades - Shipping Deputy Ministry, Eberhard Koch - Österreichischer Lloyd, Eugen Adami - Mastermind Shipmanagement, Vasilis Malikides – OSM/ Vice President of YoungShip Cyprus/Moderator: Andreas Chrysostomou – Tototheo Maritime) The Conference took place in Limassol on 14th October at the Carob Mill Conference Centre and it was under the auspices of the Cyprus Shipping Deputy Ministry and supported by the Cyprus Shipping Chamber, Cyprus Union of Shipowners, Cyprus Marine Club, CYMEPA, WISTA Cyprus, YoungShip Cyprus.


A NEW STEP in the History of ÖL Company

06.01.2024 – Mr. Sunil Kapoor joined Öesterreichischer Lloyd Seereederei (Cyprus) Ltd. as Partner and Chief Operating Officer, embarking with Capt. E. Koch is journeying to elevate the Group’s shipping dynamics and future growth.